In-depth Look Into Sync

Tuesday, May 18th: 13:00 – 14:30h

* This webinar is targeted to industry professionals (managers, agents and record labels) and advanced self-managed artists as well.

The webinar will offer a deeper vision in what the Sync process is, hearing working methods and tips from the different professionals of the synchronization industry. In the form of a panel discussion, we will learn about music supervising on the hand of Jesper Gadeberg (Music Stylist), Steph Rushton (Seven Seas Music) and Aija Lehtonen (Bafe’s Factory), who will present a case study for the Finish Folk band Tuuletar, who were featured in the soundtrack of a Game of Thrones DVD trailer.

About Steph Rushton:

Steph Rushton is a freelance Music Supervisor, Writer and privately practicing Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) currently based in Paris, France. Through her music supervision work at Seven Seas Music and for independent filmmakers, Steph specializes in sourcing and licensing authentic international music for her clients. In her free time, Steph volunteers with global organizations to educate musicians on music rights and the basics of synchronization licenses.

About Jesper Gadeberg:

Music supervisor Jesper Gadeberg (Copenhagen based) is caring about music creativity and is specialized in advertising. From time to time the music supervisor for directors such as Michel Gondry – James Marsh – Frederic Planchon – Jonathan Glazer – Martin Werner – TRAKTOR & Martin De Thurah and others. He has won for ‘Best Use of Music’ for his ideas at various advertising festivals including winning the Music + Sound Award in 2016 – 2018 & 2019.

About Aija Lehtonen:

Aija Lehtonen works at the Finnish record label and publisher Bafe’s Factory. As an “One Stop Clearance” company we have been working on sync for the last three to four years.

We represent Finnish world- and folkmusic artists creating their original music, including vocal group Tuuletar. Their song Alku/Beginning has been placed in the “Game of Thrones” DVD trailer as well as in the Australian TV series Wentworth. At our request Tuuletar has composed songs for sync purposes, which have been placed in Netflix series.