Anne-Mari Kivimäki

Nordic Folk, World. Indie


Anne-Mari Kivimäki & Palomylly is an impressive sound mix with stories, archive recordings, jouhikko, double bass, vocals and accordion. Anne-Mari Kivimäki ́s music has a hypnotic pulse and it ́s made for the love of Karelia. Kivimäki has gathered her Palomylly band from the musicians on her successful Lakkautettu Kylä (A Closed-Down Village) album. Anne-Mari Kivimäki ́s repertoire has been described as unique and imaginative and Kivimäki’s accordions explore old Finnish stories and melodies.

Anne-Mari Kivimäki accordion, vocals, stomp box
Ville Rauhala double bass, vocals
Pekko Käppi jouhikko, fiddle, vocals

ANNE-MARI KIVIMÄKI (b. 1976) is a musician, composer and lyricist, with the accordion at the core of her creative output. She has created multi-disciplinary artworks featuring the instrument, as well as developing her own style of playing: a contemporary Karelian accordion trance. Anne-Mari Kivimäki’s ensembles include the boundary pushing duo Puhti, experimental electronic group Suistamon Sähkö, and Anne-Mari Kivimäki & Palomylly.
Kivimäki has a doctoral degree from the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department. Her doctorate project “Suistamo – The Laboratory of Tradition” included the five concerts in the Suistamo series and written work.

Anne-Mari Kivimäki won Artist of the Year Award in Finland’s Ethnogala in 2017. Her solo album Lakkautettu Kylä (A Closed-Down Village) won the Folk Music Album of the Year Award 2015 (Finland), climbing to #10 in the World Music European Charts and receiving the German Record Critics’ Award in 2016. Anne-Mari Kivimäki & Palomylly was selected to perform at the Folk Alliance International in New Orleans USA 2020. The Palomylly
band’s latest album Hämeen lauluja has been well received i.a. Top plays for the month January 2020 USA, MergingArts Global Radio.

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