Nordic Folk



Jaerv is an award-winning quintet that sings and plays outgoing, energetic and heartfelt folk music with influences from pop and jazz. In genuine joy of playing, they create their swirling melodies with both instruments and their five voices where the warm, wide vocal sound gives them a distinctive character in Swedish folk music.

Vocal five-part love songs are mixed with powerful polskas and free improvisations where the harmony, rhythm and the stage energy do not leave anyone untouched. Jaerv is frequently hired in many different contexts. Since the start 15 years ago, they have toured in i.a. Japan, USA, Scotland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden and collaborated with e.g. Sofia Karlsson, Timo Räisinen, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Vocal Art Ensemble.

Last year, they also participated in National Swedish Television’s midsummer concert from Mollösund. They are known for their captivating live concerts and the unique mix of vocal and instrumental Nordic folk music.

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