Kristine Heebøll

Nordic Folk / Nordic Tone



Kristine Heebøll is a Danish composer and folk music violinist, a fiery soul on the scenes since 1993. The Nordic tone is the main inspiration : the air, the bright light, the tradition for dancing. The music finds its spark in the numerous, versatile and wonderful stories of today and in the celebration and feast of life. \”I have been living and breathing folk music for my whole life. Playing, composing, dancing, singing, teaching, having new ideas. Danish is my language. Folk music is my grammar.\” -Kristine Heebøll released 3 solo albums : Trio Mio, 10 Point, Pernambuk. -Honored with the Danish Music Award (Folk) as Composer of the year in 2005, 2009 and 2019. -Associate professor at Danish National Academy of Music – folk music department.

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