Marc Facchini

Psychedelic Neo-Folk



Marc Facchini: A Moden Troubadour

Since 2010, Marc Facchini has been enchanting audiences with his psychedelic neo-folk-songs. No matter if the venue is a large music festival or a private living room, Facchini’s songs are an invitation into the unknown, with tradition in one hand, innovation in the other. In January 2020, he released his fourth solo album, ‘Ind I Evigheden’ (= ‘Into Eternity’).

”For it is here, in his flesh, in his incarnation of scribbled songs, as a brilliant performer with roots in the past and flowers in the present, that it all makes sense. A human being expresses himself, meaning every fucking word. That is when the time has come to listen.”
– Ralf Christensen, Dagbladet Information (Danish newspaper)

Marc Facchini’s songs are about body, matter, telepathy, finances, transformation, sexuality, spirituality and death. His solo releases have brought him recognition all over Denmark, including two Danish Music Award-nominations in 2015 and 2020, meanwhile ‘Himmelmekanik’ (= ‘Celestial Mechanics’) was honoured among the best albums of 2018, by the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information. In January 2020, the Danish/Italian songwriter released his fourth solo album. On ‘Ind I Evigheden’, Facchini has creates a solid piece of art, where the classic rock instrumentation dissolves into bubbles of melodic horn- and string-arrangements. In the first weeks after the release of the album, numerous 4-, 5- and 6-star reviews came in. Denmark’s largest music magazine, GAFFA, wrote:

”Rarely has dystopia sounded more beautiful [..] There is something peculiarly Nordic in the tone of ‘Ind i Evigheden’, even though the 11 songs on the album often sound like a train journey through a united Europe, with a folk-ensemble as travel companions. The tone is as light as a midsummer’s night. The counterweight being the doom of the Earth, as described in lyrics throughout the album. This Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde-universe simply functions.”
– Esben Suurballe Christensen, GAFFA, 5/6

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