Rolling Rust




Three long-line musicians, Katriina Honkanen, Janne Louhivuori and Ilkka Tenhunen, got together to do something new and different. They produced the Mind Your Head-album together and played most instruments themselves to get the ultimate freedom to form the music the way they wanted. Some horns were added and Vilho Louhivuori played drums for some songs, but all the rest is played by the trio.

The Rolling Rust songs got their inspiration from a vast variety of anglo-american music and still their Finnish roots can be heard. Katriina has written the lyrics, the music is composed by her and Janne Louhivuori.

The trio cooked together folk, rock and blues, added a little New Orleans and celtic spices and a lot of Finnish sadness and irony.

They all have years of experience:

Janne has played in hundreds of recordings s a studio musician, released several solo-albums and music with other Finnish major artists like Heikki Salo and Jussi Sydänmäki. He has also composed and played music for documentary films and Tv-programmes. Not to talk about his work as a producer for dozens of bands.

Katriina has released nine solo-albums being singer-songwriter, musician and producer. She has also written music for several plays for theatre and for radio-programmes. She is also a professional theatre-maker: actress, playwrite and director, even a theatre cheff for rour years.

Ilkka has been the leading guitarist in Katriina’s bands since 1979. He has also been a theatre musician in several Finnish theatres and theatre groups. Ilkka is also very skilled microphone specialist.

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