The Process of Writing Music Specifically for Movies, TV Series & Video Games

Thursday, May 20th: 13:00 – 14:30h

We understood from other webinars what music licensing is and how your already written and recorded music is placed in movies, TV series and video games.

But what happens when you are approached to write compositions for a film/TV series/video games?

In this webinar we will hear the experiences from the artists perspective, on working with brand new songs composed specifically for Sync. In that way, we will get an overview on the different ways that artists experienced the process: from the request to the final process.

With the participation of: Benedicte Maurseth who recently composed a song for the upcoming Marvel series LOKI for Disney+, Elle Márjá Eira, film director and music composer, and Johan Testad, who composed the score for the film Goliat and is working at the moment with “Björnstad” for HBO.

About Benedicte Maurseth:

Hardanger fiddle player, composer and writer Benedicte Maurseth is a well established and esteemed composer/performer on Norway’s folk music scene. Maurseth has studied with Hardanger fiddle master Knut Hamre for close to 30 years, and traditional music from Hardanger is her area of expertise.

About Elle Márjá Eira:

Filmmaker, composer, writer, artist and active ambassador for Sámi culture and rights. She has directed and produced several short films and has also collaborated with composer Christophe Beck in making soundtracks to The 12th Man (dir. Harald Zwart). As a musical artist she joik in her native Sápmi tongue with a presence, rawness and ingenuity that transcends language barriers.

About Johan Testad:

Composer and musician, born in Solna, Stockholm but living in the small village Tibble in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden.In 2019 Johan received the Guldbagge for the score to Goliat and also was nominated for the same film to the Harpa awards. At the moment he’s working with “Björnstad” for HBO.